Escola Artística Soares dos Reis (PT)

The Soares dos Reis School of Arts was officially established in January 1884 in Oporto city in the north of Portugal and will be 135 years old this year. This school is geared to art education and is a non-profit public institution. Annually around 900 students follow the school`s different educational pathways. The learning of the students is guided by a team of teachers with specific and pedagogical training in the arts as well as teachers of special techniques in various technological areas that are a valuable heritage and an asset for the school teaching quality. The school currently offers: Audiovisual Communication, Advertisement Design, Product Design, Artistic Production and one professional course of 2D/3D Animation. These courses, directed to the level of secondary education, take 3 years (10º, 11º and 12º) to complete. The EASR is a specialized school of Art Education with an emphasis on vocational education.


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