Technikum Fototechniczne (PL)

The Technikum Fototechniczne Warsaw, Poland, is the largest and the oldest Polish school that educates students in the field of photography, including  graphics, multimedia projects and movie-making. On graduation students are prepared to pass Matura exam (an exam which entitles one to enter University) and vocational exams that verify professional qualifications. The school employs 60+ fully qualified teachers, including 22 teachers of vocational training. The Phototechnical High School provides training for 600+ students aged 15+. The school also runs weekend qualification courses for adults. Our school cooperates with about 80 reputable companies dealing with photography and related branches, where internships of our students are arranged. Our institution participates actively in educational and cultural events conducted in the city.   For many years the school has been taking part in different European projects.


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